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The cartoonization of the work place was inevitable.

As inevitable as apple pie and motherhood.

Eventually, political correctness and lawsuits required

that we address each other primarily as cartoon characters.

Our boss for example was a squirrel with big bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.

He lay awake a lot at night worrying about the business,

as well he should with some of the characters that worked for him.

For example…the brunt of most our negative work aggression was a guy we called “Troll.”

We blamed him for everything.

I think he lived under a bridge.

His primary adversary was a 400 lb cat with a ponytail we referred to as “King Felix.”

King Felix like the hit Troll over the head with his mallet,

which represented something important like the “budget.”

One day King Felix demanded that Troll build a 12-story gingerbread house

and proceeded to…


Yes, sir Mr. Squirrel.

How’s that important PowerPoint I’m supposed to be working on coming?

What do you think you’re reading?


No, King Felix I will not change your cat box.

Have Troll do it.

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