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Joe: I want to be a life coach:
Me: That’s a great idea Joe. You could teach people how to be a loser.
Or how to accept their being a loser.
Joe: Or both.
Me: I’m voting for you for President.
Lucille: I too want to want to be a life coach!
Me: I think Joe already has the “loser” market covered.
Lucille: Are you saying a woman isn’t qualified for the job.
Me: I was, but you just changed my mind.
Tom: My life coach told me I would be happier if I got her a joint checking account.
Bill: My life coach helped me overcome my fear of using gas station bathrooms.
Julia: My life coach only has a 3rd grade education. Isn’t it inspiring that he went on to become a successful life coach?!
Adam and Eve…
Eve: My life coach “Snake” said that you would like an apple.
Abraham Lincoln: I know the beard and hat make me look ridiculous, but my life coach told me they would keep me from getting assassinated.
At a nearby prison:
Bubba: Congratulations Sluggo after 30 years in prison you’ll be getting paroled, but you have no job skills what will you do?
Sluggo: I’ve always wanted to be a life coach.

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