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It seems like everywhere I’m go “bears” are causing problems.
And sometimes even malicious mischief.

Janitor: I’m sorry sir this bathroom is closed for cleaning.
Me: Is a bear responsible for this need to clean?!!
Janitor: Yes.

Police officer after hitting me repeatedly with his baton:
“Any further comments about me looking like one of the Village People?”
Me: Did a bear put you up to this brutality?
Cop: Yes.

Abraham Lincoln’s ghost:
I was sent by my brother “Uncle Sam” to help you with your taxes.
Me: How many bears were injured in the filming of this documentary?
Abraham Lincoln’s ghost: Four score??

As I watched the news on television I couldn’t help but feel
that the current situation in Syria had been caused by a bear.
Perhaps a bear in search of honey!!

Now that I’m dead and a thousand generations have tread upon
the earth as I look down from my throne in Heaven…

Young boy to mother at circus:
Look Mommy is that bear wearing a hat?
Mother: Yes son. Yes, he is wearing a hat.
Again, what would otherwise have been a perfect day spoiled by a bear!!!

God: Hey, where did you get a throne? I want a throne.

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