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It seemed like everyone from our janitor at work

to the President of the United States was bragging

about how “online dating” had improved their lives.

So being a person that mindlessly follows the crowd

I decided to explore this myself.

It was a lot like interviewing for a new job.

If you get past the initial email screen,

you then work your way through

a thorough phone screening.

Here’s an example of how that went…

Woman 1: Do you have baggage?

Me: You bet. Both light weight for a weekend get-away

or a full set for say a more extended trip to Europe.

All for quick carry on.

No luggage with a pull cord and wheels.

For an able-bodied male to not just carry

his 20 lb suitcase it just seems…wrong.

Woman 1: Question 2…I have a lavender

#3 set of pull cord with wheels luggage  with #9 tawny handles and trim.

What color pull cord with wheels luggage do you have?

It is important that they don’t clash with mine,

yet they express the essence of your masculinity.

Me: Nice talking to ya.

Woman2: Are you an “Alpha Male?”

Me: Errr. I don’t think an “Alpha Male” would have to tell he is an “Alpha Male.”

You would just know when he walked in the room.

Woman 2: Just answer the question. Are you an “Alpha Male?”

Me: Errr. I’m the guy that kills all the other “Alpha Males.”

What does that make me?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Woman3: I’m a yogini.

Me: I’m a man, so I don’t actually know what you just said.

I’m hoping it means you just described yourself as a delicious edible pasta dish.

Or at least you’re not wearing any panties.

Woman 4: In this picture it looks like you want to kill somebody.

Me: Maybe I shouldn’t have had my boss take that picture?

Woman 5: You’d be a lot more datable if you shed 40 lbs of muscle

and shaved all that hair off your chest.

Me: Maybe you should date another woman?

Sometimes I think only my the neighborhood cat who stares at me from behind

her window understands my “Alpha-maleness.”

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