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feeling kind
of folksy
a little
Annie Oakley
she said lay
your rifle
in my hands
join my
as I walk you
down the aisle
you packing
ample round-age
boy are you
ready to go
because I am
the trigger woman
in this wild
west show


Like everyone else on the planet I pretty much live for

women’s beach volleyball. I was on the treadmill at the club

when I looked up at the match on TV and noticed that the bikinis

they wear had become an order of magnitude skimpier.

They had the player’s name across the skimpy butt portion of their bikini,

so the camera pretty much just went from one players butt to the next.

This way you would be sure know the player’s names.

It was the respectful thing to do.

It seemed impossible, but a perfect sport had become perfecter.

I could sense God smiling as his God eyes bulged out

of his God skull and he went to take a cold God shower.

It’s this can do attitude that once made America great.

And put a man on the moon.

Then it stuck me.

The surface of the moon would actually provide

an excellent playing surface for women’s beach volleyball.

Women’s beach volleyball on the moon.

With 1/6th the Earth’s gravity.

Like God waving his magic wand

as he stepped out of the shower

it was possible for the sport to become still perfecter.

Suddenly, the nation united behind a common goal.

It was something of the magnitude of the creation of the universe.

Only important.

Women’s beach volleyball on the moon.

Bipartisan bickering in politics ceased.

We balanced the budget without spending cuts or tax increases.

We simply printed more money.

The world rallied behind America’s vision and leadership.

Big screen television sells exploded

God bought 2 big screen televisions.

One for his living room.

One for his bathroom.

The Dali Lama moved his refrigerator into his living room

to be closer to his big screen television.

America was back on the map.

And popular again as the world for gave us for our unilateral missteps.

Like not adopting the metric system.

Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

One nation under God.

I pledge allegiance

to women’s beach volleyball.

As so many great civilizations before us,

we would be remembered for our contribution to mankind.

All because of women’s beach volleyball.

Neil Armstrong watching women’s beach volleyball on the moon:

I wish I had a bigger pair of eyes.

Women’s beach volleyball.

Hallowed be thy name.

030 032 034 036 038 040 042 044 046 048 050 052 054 056 058 001 003 005 007 009 011 013 015 017 019 021 023 025 028

feel the earth spin slowly

like a cat’s eye marble


in the dirt on our knees

the circle is drawn

and we play for keeps

with our game under thumb

we measure in inches

as we shoot for the stars

broken circle

broken strategy

directionless we scatter


feel the earth spin slowly

like a cat’s eye marble

see the twinkling

in my winking cat’s eye


I live on the edge of the infinite sky plain

dirt meets the horizon

dirt meets the sky

you can see all the way to the sky

with nothing blocking your view

that is how vast and open

this land is that I call the infinite sky plain

when the crop comes in

it is low to the ground

and you can still see

all the way to the sky

there is a plain white butterfly

that dances among the green and red

as you look across the crop

you see them at regular intervals

it is like they have each

staked out their own territory

but in a polite way

they are plain white

and the crop is simply green and red

but the dirt with these 3 simple colors

is pretty in the heat

of the central valley sunset

I used to be afraid

of such huge and open spaces

it was like there was too much space

for my eye to see all at once

but the plain white butterflies

gave me something

upon which my eye could focus

and the vast emptiness

of the all the open space around me

went away

golden hair sparkles in wind and sunlight

as she rides her horse

gallops through waves of grass

her smile lights up her face

her eyes are smiling too

reflecting blue light

she rides

golden hair in wind

smile on face

smiling blue eyes

this is when she is happiest

reflecting light

Here Comes Gravity

here comes gravity

blue dress half way up  her thigh

she holds my universe together

she brings the light from the stars

and the rain from the sky

she makes the ocean’s tide fall and rise

she paints the painted dessert

with her infinite sunset

on a day like this I can see forever

when I can see the future

in her smile

here comes gravity

blue dress half way up  her thigh

with a snake-like movement of her hips she sheds her angel skin

she can take me down any time she wants

that’s the law of gravity




Behind the Wall of Dreams

there is a woman knitting dreams

she knits like spider webs

your thoughts into dreams

an intricate and delicate network

of strings she weaves

that is your life

she seems to know you

as only someone who has known you

your whole life could

although you have never met

as you dream you think

this is not the life I expected

still she knits and weaves

years go by

you end up dreaming

that you are still a young child

when you awake

you are refreshed and at peace

there is a woman knitting dreams

her infinite sadness she wears

behind the mask of lifetime

Written in Blue Mercury

snow falls

as silently as sleep

pressed snowflakes

icicle flowers

between the wind and windowpane

melt their way to sill

polished chrome darkness shivers

ankle deep in frost

night’s breath spills

along the  frozen glass

it’s silver shadow rolls

and condenses with the dawn

night’s epitaph

written in blue mercury

trickles down my windowpane

in the light of a new day

When I Look

what thoughts

are misplaced

when I wake

from a dream

are found  again

when I look

at you