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Here comes mollusk!

Don’t ask don’t tell.

Crawling? Slithering? Whatever?
Down the street.

With his pseudo foot.
Like Santa Claus on the Fourth of July!

Thank God for Global Warming.

Now high tide extends the ocean into the city
streets. Bringing mollusk and crab boy to the
shopkeeper’s door step.

The angels sing.
It’s an angel thing. Like karaoke.
Huddled masses yearning.

Now mighty mollusk is joined by an ever-growing
number of his like-minded friends.
Crawling? Slithering? Whatever?
Like Marines through the parted Red Sea.

Up the ramp that says:
“Welcome Mollusks!”
They look so proud as they enter my oven.

Good thing I like seafood.


It seemed like everyone from our janitor at work

to the President of the United States was bragging

about how “online dating” had improved their lives.

So being a person that mindlessly follows the crowd

I decided to explore this myself.

It was a lot like interviewing for a new job.

If you get past the initial email screen,

you then work your way through

a thorough phone screening.

Here’s an example of how that went…

Woman 1: Do you have baggage?

Me: You bet. Both light weight for a weekend get-away

or a full set for say a more extended trip to Europe.

All for quick carry on.

No luggage with a pull cord and wheels.

For an able-bodied male to not just carry

his 20 lb suitcase it just seems…wrong.

Woman 1: Question 2…I have a lavender

#3 set of pull cord with wheels luggage  with #9 tawny handles and trim.

What color pull cord with wheels luggage do you have?

It is important that they don’t clash with mine,

yet they express the essence of your masculinity.

Me: Nice talking to ya.

Woman2: Are you an “Alpha Male?”

Me: Errr. I don’t think an “Alpha Male” would have to tell he is an “Alpha Male.”

You would just know when he walked in the room.

Woman 2: Just answer the question. Are you an “Alpha Male?”

Me: Errr. I’m the guy that kills all the other “Alpha Males.”

What does that make me?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Woman3: I’m a yogini.

Me: I’m a man, so I don’t actually know what you just said.

I’m hoping it means you just described yourself as a delicious edible pasta dish.

Or at least you’re not wearing any panties.

Woman 4: In this picture it looks like you want to kill somebody.

Me: Maybe I shouldn’t have had my boss take that picture?

Woman 5: You’d be a lot more datable if you shed 40 lbs of muscle

and shaved all that hair off your chest.

Me: Maybe you should date another woman?

Sometimes I think only my the neighborhood cat who stares at me from behind

her window understands my “Alpha-maleness.”


Here’s my latest learnings from women’s on-line dating profiles

as well as interactions.

Abraham Lincoln: “The soul is best cleansed with vinegar, baking soda,

and a toothbrush. Or sharing your humiliations publicly.”

Woman 1: I’m looking for a man that can keep up with me.

Me: I’m a lot bigger and a lot faster than you, so no matter how fast you

run away from me I am going to catch you and take you down.

Go ahead walk away briskly. Run. I’ll give you a head start.

Woman 2: I’m an “evolved” woman and I’m looking for an “evolved” man.

Me: I think you need to look up the meaning of the word “evolved.”

Evolution takes many, many generations.

Unless, you are saying you finally got rid of that useless pinky toe?

The rest of us are at least a 1000 generations behind you.

Good luck on finding that “evolved” guy who got rid that useless pinky toe.

Or, on the evolutionary front you realize I’m at least a 1000 generations

behind you and really a Neanderthal? Trust me. That’s all guys.

Apparently many women love “sarcasm?”

Interesting, I was always taught that this was cruel and unkind growing up.

Woman 3: “I love sarcasm and can take it as well as dish it out…bring it on!”

Me: “OK. Those pants make you look fat.”

Me: “Why are you crying?!” “Don’t you know a sarcastic compliment when you get one?

Here is another perplexing one I hear all the time.

Must be from some book or movie that some women consider important?

Woman 4,5 & 6: “Go big or go home!”

Me: Look. I’m a guy, I was born big. I can go where ever the hell I want.

Home is not a bad option.

Damn useless pinky toe.

Woman 7: I’m a nonjudgmental woman . I’m looking for a nonjudgmental male.

Me: Is this your way of telling me you used to be a man?

Woman 8: You look like you just got out of prison.

Me: Thanks. I shaved off my ZZ Top beard just this morning.

Woman 9: You look like trouble.

Me: Is that good or bad.

Woman 9: Both.

Finally, progress…




I went to the Monster’s Ball

Everybody was there.

Nobody was there.

Heidi and Carla were there.

Their dresses were far too tight

but they knew how to sweat

Sweat with rhythm

Manifest Destiny

showed up in her tight dress

she made me run the flag up

the flag pole and salute it

tempest tossed and torn

yearning to breathe free

Big Bad Wolf huff and puff

Goldilocks danced and slid up

and down the brass pole

Thank God she wanted to be a fireman


she is the light that
creates my day
I am the night consumer
of her light

she is the angels
and the heavens above
I am the devil
in the deep blue sea

she is the break
in the ocean’s wave
I am the castaway
washed up on the shore

she is the prancing filly
on the showroom floor
I am the horse
that can’t be broken

only she can break me


Just like other men across the United States the guys at work had gathered

in the break room to talk about the success of our US Women’s Beach Volleyball

teams and to speak with often animated honor about those who played the sport.

For example…


Dave: Lithuania?! Did you see the size of the hands of the woman volleyball

player from Lithuania?!

Men love women with big hands. It makes us feel secure when they old our hands.

Then a “woman” walked in…

Woman: You guys disgust me. You only watch the sport because the

women are wearing skimpy bikinis. I bet you would watch any sport if the

women played naked.

Bill took offense to this comment and objected: Not bowling and golf!

We all raised our hands to give her a high-five and salute Women’s Beach Volleyball.

But she declined to high-five us and stormed out of the break room.

Tom: Can’t you see she was trying to make a point.

We all agreed she was trying to make a point.

What that point was we had no idea.


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Winter turned to Spring

Spring turned to Summer.

Summer to Fall.

Still I could not get that piece of food out from between my teeth

no matter how much I flossed.

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times.

It was the time I couldn’t get that piece of food out from between my teeth,

even when I flossed laying on my back in the restaurant

or hanging upside down from the jungle gym.

Ask not what your country can do for you,

but what you can do for your country.

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Well, I think a fear of having a piece of food stuck between your teeth

for a prolonged period of time is probably a reasonable fear.

And personally if my country is not willing to help me

when I have a piece of food stuck between my teeth

I would have to ask: “Is this still America?!”

Some bath toys float better than others.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Boy is this ever true when you cannot get that piece of food out from between your teeth.

When I was nearly resigned that having this piece of food stuck between my teeth

was going to be my lot in life I had an epiphany.

I took out my false teeth and removed the piece of food.


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I took my monkey to Communion.

Monkey Communion.

She loved the wafers.

And she really loved the wine.

It was love chimp.


Then I realized those were Pringles.

And that wasn’t wine.

That was Pepsi!

Regular Pepsi!

Not diet Pepsi!

Boy was I mad.


If I wanted my monkey to ignore sound nutrition

practices and let her figure go to hell

I would have become a Johovah’s Witness!