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  1. If you have to read something on how to be an alpha male, you’ll never be one.
  2. If you walk into the room and you wonder who the alpha male is it’s not you buddy.
  3. If you think that lifting weights will make you an alpha male…. you are now just a bigger pussy with muscles.
  4. If you talk loud and dominate the conversation you’re not an alpha male. Your probably just an asshole. See article “How to be a Boss.”
  5. If you always take the last donut at work you’re not…ok you may be an alpha male
  6. If you bully and intimidate people you are not an alpha male. Actually, that smacks more of “insecure pussy.”
  7. If you get training on how to project authority etc. people see right through this and know it’s just a gimmick. You have to live the behavior. It’s how you behave every day naturally without thinking about it.
  8. If you claim to be an alpha male you are not. You are insecure and an alpha male wannabe. If you are an alpha male there will be no need to have to tell anybody.
  9. If you don’t make people smile when they see you, you are probably not an alpha male. Women will give you a little smile because they want f*ck you. Men will give you the exact same little smile because they fear you and don’t want to piss you off. (They don’t want to f*ck you. Ok, yeah some do. It’s not taken as a compliment.)
  10. If a woman asks you if you are an alpha male you are not. If she has to ask…you are not.

But a good response is: “No, I’m not an alpha male. I’m the guy that kills all the alpha males.

What does that make me? That what you looking for?

In summary

Eat your vegetables and do what your Mom tells you to do. If you can’t handle these simple things you’re not alpha male material

Me.  Am I an alpha male?

Well, if you have to ask…


I’m a pussy.

But I’m king of the pussies.

So, don’t f*ck with me.


It’s not arrogance when I’m kicking your ass…